Why YouTube Advertising?

Pay Per View

Unlike other forms of Advertising where results cannot be evaluated, with YouTube Ads “Instream,” viewers have the option to skip your ad so you only pay if a viewer sees your spot for at least 30 seconds. This guarantees that you get your message across.

Cost is Pennies

YouTube Ads is relatively new. If you’ve done Pay Per Click campaigns on Google, you know that the cost per click has gotten quite expensive, in some case more than $20 per click. Currently, with YouTube the average cost is less than $.20 per view.

Target Your Audience

Unlike conventional forms of advertising such as TV or Radio, with YouTube Ads you get to really pin point your audience. Select who will view your ad based on geographic location, sex, interests, and even more granular categories.

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#1. 30 Second Ad

The first 4 seconds of your Youtube ad are very important. If not done right, the viewer can skip the ad. That is one of our specialties. We will create a 30 second spot, which will grab the viewer’s attention so they will view the ad in its entirety.

#2. Landing page

You will need a “Landing Page” where viewers can be directed to. Usually websites do not have an official welcome page to help convert this person into a lead or customer. For this reason, we create a customized landing page with the sole purpose of capturing the customer’s information such as phone number and email, or convert them on the spot by giving them the option to act now. The landing page is pretty much a one-page website with a direct call-to-action focus with the most important information but most of all an effective video where you or someone from your customer greets the visitor. It is also important to offer some type of incentive (first consultation free, free X-Rays, etc…) which can only be redeemed via email or phone. This will help you capture the lead and is key to a successful YouTube Campaign.

#3. Welcome Video

This is a short video that welcomes all your visitors to your “landing page”. This strategy will humanize your business even more. Visitors will feel more comfortable in providing information to take advantage of the incentive, promotion, or prize.

#4. Interview for Social Media

This is another important tool. It’s your introduction to the Social Media society. It will be shared through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goolge + and more. This interview will be produced in our state-of-the-art studio and will look like it was made in a CNN or CNBC style studio. This quality of video will provide your business, product, or brand enormous credibility.

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