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Video Production

Over 30 years experience producing professional quality videos that captivate your audience.

YouTube Marketers

YouTube is the video media platform with the most growth, opportunity, and return on your investment. We create Youtube marketing campaigns that are highly effective.

Media Buyers

As a registered Advertising Agency, we identify, negotiate, and buy ads across all media platforms including Television, Radio, and Digital.

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We produce videos in our state-of-the-art studio using what we call "Live Stream". Through chromakey green screen and live editing technology, videos are produced live in real time. Once the record button on the camera is turned off, the video is finished and ready to stream.

More Services

Live Studio Productions

Our studios enable live video production with live streaming via the internet for webinars, live programs, and more.

Call Center Services

Personalized call center services for your business. Toll free numbers are available and detailed reports can track activity and calls with both email and SMS text message capability. Activation in less than 24 hours and special packages for Canal Cero clients.

TV Commercials/Infomercials

We create effective TV ads from :30 seconds to 30 minute infomercials. Ads can air locally or nationally across one or multiple TV channels.

Corporate Videos

We can produce promotional videos for your product or company, training videos, seminar recording, and film style documentaries.

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This letter is to state an overwhelming recommendation for Mr. Antonio Miranda and his team. They have created and made various Video products for my company. His ability to understand my companies’ needs and then to produce video content based on those is really something I am impressed with. His production team has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to future business with Mr. Miranda.

Atmospheric Water Solutions

With this note we would like to give thanks to Tony Miranda and their TV Production team for the work done on our infomercials. The production was completed as promised in our agreement. Results have been great. Their assistance in media buying is superb. Mr. Miranda is always giving us recommendations to make our campaigns stronger and more effective. We recommend them to other businesses without hesitation.

Grupo de Ganadores

We see everything through the lens

To us, life moments are always seen through a lens. Everything our eyes capture makes us wonder, how would a lens interpret this? How much light is necessary? What type of microphone is most appropriate to match the clarify of sounds and voices? How should we tell the story? Only those of us that work in the world of film, television, and video understand what I am talking about. You have to respect the lens. To the lens, no person is too big or too small. There is a story to be told and we are the ones to tell it.

  • Pre-Production>strong - Before we hit the record button we need to understand how we want to tell the story.
  • Production - Once the shooting begins, there is little room for error. You much capture the right shots and footage and time is not usually on your side.
  • Post Production - This is where you get to put the puzzle pieces together. Editing is where you get to decide how the story will go.


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"Greatness is created day by day upon a solid foundation of consistency and the profound desire to succeed."

- Tony Miranda